Frequently Asked Questions


Residential Window Cleaning FAQs

What makes Washh Window Cleaning different?

We put a lot of thought into this ourselves. We created Washh with the sole purpose to enhance the industries level of service delivery because what was out there was not good enough for our clients. We introduced new methods and technology and backed them up by our guarantees. We are proud to say that we guarantee our customer service, our quality, and our results.

What can I expect during my window cleaning technician’s visit?

We start by arriving on time.

Initial Inspection: An initial, thorough walk-through will be performed prior to cleaning to identify any special circumstances or damage, determine which tools are needed and best plan to access windows.

Cover surfaces: We take time to protect your building or home surfaces—such as interior flooring, floor coverings and furniture as necessary.

Remove Screens: Each screen will be carefully removed to allow access to the window and frame. The screen will be set aside to be returned back in place when finished or cleaned if requested.

Brush or Vacuum Frame: Each frame will be carefully brushed or vacuumed free of debris and cobwebs.

Apply Solution/Pre-soak: A professional commercial grade mild detergent cleaning solution will be applied using a microfiber scrubber, sponge, or soft fabric strip washer to pre-soak the surface allowing hardened materials such as dirt, grime, bug marks, fingerprints and bird droppings to loosen.

Scrub Glass: A professional commercial grade mild cleaning solution will again be applied, without over wetting, using a microfiber scrubber, sponge, or soft fabric strip washer to further loosen any remaining material. Sponge or absorbent towel will be used on window frame and sills to remove loosened dirt, which could otherwise transfer onto the glass.

Squeegee Glass: Window will be cleaned using professional commercial grade squeegees. The squeegee blade will be carefully wiped after every stroke using a cloth, sponge or special chamois. To avoid excess moisture from developing on the lower sash, water will be cleared from bottom of window using a sponge or towel.

Detail Clean: Final cleaning of edges, frames and sill using professional, lint free, detailing towel.

Final Inspection: Upon completion, an inspection will be made of all work performed.

How can I contact Washh for a free quote?

We have multiple ways of contacting our Washh specialists for estimates. You can visit our contact page here, call us at 480.603.5205, you can also use the live chat link in the bottom right corner of the site, or enter your information in the “Click here for a free quote” button. We are happy to answer your questions and look forward to hearing from you.

Why do you charge an hourly rate as opposed to the per pane method of bidding window cleaning jobs?

There are a few different bidding methods for residential window cleaning jobs. The two most common are price per pane and a flat hourly rate. We find the per pane method to be too convoluted as there are too many variables to take into account which could potentially lead to providing the customer an inaccurate bid and charging them a dishonest price. By establishing a standard hourly rate, we avoid producing mixed pricing results. Most professional trades charge an hourly rate, as its been done for decades, and we at Washh find this model to work best for our customers.

How long will you be washing my windows?

Most homes 3k square foot and up are completed inside and out in three to five hours. To save on time, we send larger crews when the homes are larger. Please let us know if this is a concern when booking your appointment.

What areas do you service?

Washh LLC Window Cleaning provides commercial and residential window cleaning service in Maricopa County, Yavapai County, Gila County, Pinal county and Pima County. Please ask about other areas. A service fee of $50 will be charged for areas that are outside a 25 mile radius from our location in Scottsdale.

How often should I have my home windows cleaned?

Depending on local weather conditions, it is best to have your windows cleaned, at minimum, twice a year. This helps to avoid the build-up of dirt, debris and hard water spots from sprinklers. Our typical customer prefers having their windows cleaned four times a year to avoid hard-water deposits and dust build-up due to Arizona’s arid climate.

Are your specialized cleaning technicians experienced?

Our specialized cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained by the International Window cleaning Association (IWCA) standard and are fully insured with $1 million of coverage in Workman’s Comp and commercial liability insurance. Not only are our window cleaning technicians experienced, we are fully dedicated to safety and professional customer experience. Our technicians have a minimum of two years of experience and undergo safety training certification through Americas largest International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA). Our technicians are also required to attend monthly safety training meetings. Rest assured that you will receive not only the BEST professional window cleaning in the state, but also the SAFEST.

Is it required for an Arizona window cleaning company to be licensed and bonded?

No. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors does not issue licenses for window cleaning nor does the Registrar of Contractors in 48 other states. The license these window cleaners are referring to is a general business license required by some local municipalities and have nothing to do with proficiency, skill, quality, or business ethics.

Are windows that are stained or have hard water spots more difficult (and expensive) to clean?

Yes. Frequent exposure to water or environmental elements (such as sprinklers, acid rain, bugs, pollen, salt and bird droppings), take much longer to clean and require an entirely different method of cleaning that Washh is very knowledgeable and experienced in.

Do I need to do anything to get ready for my window cleaners?

We kindly ask that you remove anything from the window sills or window area including furniture or any outside obstructions that could get in the way of your window cleaning experience.

Does someone need to be home while you are cleaning my windows?

We leave this up to your comfort level. Many of our customers let our trusted employees into their home and ask our technicians to lock up on the way out.

What if it rains?

Arizona’s climate doesn’t afford us much rainfall. Typically, it will not rain all day, so we kindly ask that you allow us to clean the INSIDE of your windows first. By thetime we are ready to clean the outside, the rain has usually stopped. If not, we will come back to clean the outside. We aim to complete the job the same day or week. You do not need to be home.

How can I pay for my Window Cleaning?

Payment is due upon completion of service. We currently accept cash, check, or direct bank transfer.